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Who is Restaurant Girl?

Arelia Taveras is the Executive Director for the NYS Latino Restaurant, Bar & Lounge Association. In her role, Ms. Taveras advises restaurant and bar owners regarding the steps necessary to operate and maintain their businesses.

Arelia is known as New York’s Restaurant Girl to business owners. She has spent many years dedicating herself to partnering and providing strategic development for those in the bar, lounge, and restaurant industry. All the years of experience led New York’s Restaurant Girl to launch the successful NY Business Licensing Corp. A boutique office specializing in helping owners obtain their legal Business Entities, Liquor Licenses, and Sidewalk Cafes for restaurants, bars, and lounges.

Daily she guides business owners from the initial construction plans of a restaurant/bar to onsite inspections, concept development, menu planning, and operational and organizational planning. Arelia advises clients on marketing strategies and initiatives that help businesses thrive. She is the “go-to girl” for those who are in the bar, lounge, and restaurant business.


I am your Restaurant, Bar & Lounge adviser.

Expand / grow your business by

  • Choosing the right location for your restaurant.
  • Hiring efficient staff.
  • Using Social Media and Self-Marketing Strategies.
  • Rewarding Your Client’s for their Loyalty by offering perks and discounts.
  • Listening to customer Feedback and concerns and respond pro-actively.
  • Offering fun entertainment at your establishment.
  • Offering some delivery and fast pick-up options.
  • Catering private events for special customer requests.
  • Create an original décor and ambiance in your restaurant or bar. Be Original.
  • Be Organized with your billing, accounts and payment schedules to vendors.
  • Host Happy Hours, Game Nights, Single’s events, Movie Nights, Kid’s days or some other fun activity.